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Baths with sea water form the basis of Thalassotherapy. Immersion in water, in fact, improves respiration and promotes circulation and toxins elimination. It is easier for the body to move in water as it feels a little lighter, allowing the muscles to work without the weight of the body and this is an important physiotherapeutic exercise.

Sea water has specific effects in relation to chemical composition and physical inorganic chemistry (chlorides, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, etc.) and organic (algae and their derivatives).

The particular composition of sea water encourages the electro-ionic exchange within the skin allowing the dispersion of excess fluid in general and in localized areas in particular (as in cellulitis). A massage with sea water, is particularly beneficial to swollen legs, as they can be restored into firmness. The therapeutic action of Thalassotherapy is linked to the pores of the

skin which, in contact with sea water, dilate allowing the passage of valuable trace minerals which are slowly released into the blood system and proceed to correct any imbalance found along the way.

The rest of the therapy is carried out by the sea algae, with their well known bacteriostatic, antibiotic and antiviral powers.
Thalassotherapy can benefit the following complaints:

· Spine pain

· Arthro-rheumatic conditions

· Cervical arthrosis

· Dermatological pathologies

· Vascular disorders

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